Benefits of Cold Press Juice

Benefits of Cold Press Juice

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Good question. It's easy to become confused. After all, aren't all juices created equally? How different can they be? Truth be known, juices can be worlds apart in terms of their nutritional pay off, their taste and how much waste they create to make.

You might be familiar with traditional juicers that use high levels of heat to extract juice from produce (10,000rpm or higher). They are usually quite cheap, but come with some deadset dealbreakers! Firstly, they usually require you to peel and chop your produce into little pieces and are often incompatible with things we all want to juice like kale and ginger. They are also noisy to run and a total pain to clean. What is our major bug bear with these devices? Unfortunately, when produce is exposed to high levels of heat and friction, oxidisation readily occurs killing essential nutrients. This means that the juice you end up consuming has lost a lot of the goodness through the juicing process. Big boo! 

Enter Mod Cold Press Juicer to save the day! Mod uses a "cold" extraction process of just 65rpm, preserving the goodness of your carefully selected produce. It also has a wide mouthed chute eliminating the need to chop and peel. It juices everything from kale to carrots and everything in between. It also extracts more juice from your produce meaning less waste for the planet and your pocket. The big plus?? The nutritional profile of the cold pressed juice it creates is totally different to traditional juice. Some studies has shown up to five times more essential nutrients are contained in cold pressed juice. It also tastes bucketloads better! What's not to love?

The broader benefits of cold pressed juice include improving general nutrition, maintaining weight and eliminating toxins. Enjoying cold pressed juice regularly is a simple, blissful and rejuvenating way to nourish your body and your soul.

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