Mod - What's The Verdict?

Mod - What's The Verdict?

Hi friends

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than hearing how our beloved Mod Cold Press Juicer changes lives for the better. Every day we are inundated with wonderfully encouraging stories and positive experiences and it warms our hearts. The healing powers of regularly enjoying raw, live, fresh, nutrient dense fruit and veg juices simply cannot be understated.

For those of you who need a little encouragement to begin your wellness journey, we thought we should share a little about what we are hearing from both wellness experts and our loyal customers. Now might just be the time to take that step towards a healthier you!

Here's just a small sample of what some amazing Aussie health and wellness leaders have to say about Mod!

Live It. Do It.

"I wanted a juicer that was mum-friendly; something that keeps all the high nutrients in our juices, is simple to use, easy to clean and looks good. Enter; the Mod Cold Press Juicer. Thrilled is an understatement when I was introduced to this bad boy; a juicer that is created by a mum thats is made for mums. It juices whole foods without the peeling and chopping...If you haven't already, I would highly recommend getting yourself a Mod Cold Press Juicer and try having a daily juice. Drink it mindfully and notice how it makes you feel"


"The perfect upgrade for my old juicer. Its super easy to use, easy to clean, and is UNBELIEVABLY quiet! Yes, you can even use this whilst your baby is sleeping! Totally true. I still cant believe how quiet it is."

Blooming Healthy

"This Australian company has placed a lot of time and effort into making a  great product, and from putting it together, cleaning and design have ticked all boxes."

Ironmum Karla

"The part I like about my Mod Juicer is the quietness of the machine and the ease of cleaning. Something that can take 15 mins to clean really does outweigh any benefit of a juice, which is why cold press juicers are so handy. (Mod) has oversized chute, which takes the hassle out of chopping, peeling and coring before hand."

And some words from our loyal home fans!


"Best juicer I've ever had. Literally waste free as i re-use the pulp (it is dry enough to use)."


"This is an easy to use and simple to clean juicer. I use it daily for my kids. It's a great way to make sure they are eating their greens. It is assembled in seconds and rinses clean. Highly recommend."


"I was considering doing of those 3 day bottled juice cleanses that cost $200! Then i heard about Mod and got one. Game changer! It's paid for itself after a week."


"I have been making a juice for breakfast every day and I already noticeably feel better and look healthier - my eyes aren't red all the time and my skin has cleared up."


"I don't even need to peel or chop and it actually juices things like kale (this is near impossible for most juicers). it is easy to clean and it has seriously changed my life and I cant tell you how much healthier I feel for it."

Read more reviews here!

If you too would like to improve your life for the better with Mod, you know where to find us!

Right now, we are offering $100 off plus free shipping EVERYWHERE in Australia. Mod comes in both the eternally chic black and white so get to to score your gorgeous juicer now. If you order before 12 noon your order is despatched the same day!

To your wellness.

Team Mod :)

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