Benefits of Celery Juice and Recipe Ideas

Benefits of Celery Juice and Recipe Ideas

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You would have to be living under a rock to have missed the celery juice memo. It seems everyone from Miranda Kerr to Kim Kardashian is trying it in the hopes that it can help improve and heal a range of health conditions as well as boosting general well being.

Those who swear by it claim that it is very important that you juice enough of it (usually a cup a day) and consume it before any other food first thing in the morning. Also important is the type of juicer you use. It seems the best results can be seen using a cold press juicer like MOD, as they retain more juice and nutrients. Be sure you chop your celery into small pieces (around an inch) though, to get the best performance from your juicer. 


Some of the health claims that have been made about celery juice include its capacity to:

- heal and restore gut health 

- lower cholesterol

- provide natural anti-inflammatory effects

- reduce blood pressure

- improve digestion

- detoxify the liver

- fight pathogens and infection

- alkalise the body 

It is also claimed to help balance mood, reduce brain fog, assist with weight loss and clear up skin. Quite an impressive list!


To better understand what it offers at a nutrient level, know it is a good source of the following: 

- Vitamin K - important for bone health and wound healing

- Vitamin C - necessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues and the functioning of the immune system

- Potassium - critical for the normal functioning of the heart, kidneys and other organs

- Manganese - involved in healthy metabolism and bone health

- Riboflavin - important for growth and overall good health

- Calcium - necessary for healthy bones, a healthy heart and muscles

- Magnesium - plays a critical role in over 300 enzyme processes in the body

- B6 - helps the body turn food into energy and helps maintain a healthy brain 


Last week, we asked a selection of our customers about their experiences with celery juice. The feedback was pretty amazing. Whilst no one can guarantee that everyone's results will be the same, we were blown away by reports like this:


"I started juicing celery every day and have been doing it for 6 weeks now. My skin has never been clearer. I've always suffered from skin conditions like psoriasis and it's almost disappeared since I started the celery juice regime" - Louise, 59, Melbourne

"What I can't get over is the energy I now have. I'm feeling alert, getting so much more done and even my confidence has improved. As a busy mum of toddlers, can I tell you this has been life-changing" - Brianna, 38, Bangalow

That's enough to make anyone want to give it a try!


Now, if you find the taste of celery a little unpalatable, remember to avoid juicing the celery leaves. Whilst they are perfectly safe to eat, they can leave your juice rather bitter. 

You could also consider adding something extra to your juice to liven things up a little. That's just what we have done with our "Celery and Ginger" recipe below.

Celery and Ginger Juice

You'll need: ⁠
1 Celery heart⁠
1-inch knob of ginger⁠
1/2 lemon⁠
1/2 cucumber⁠
1 large green apple⁠

1. Rinse celery and cucumber thoroughly and cut it into pieces. (Approximately 1-inch pieces).⁠
2. Place the apple into the mouth of your MOD Juicer, letting it slowly juice through. If the apple is too large to put in whole then cut it up first.  ⁠
3. Continue to run the lemon and ginger through the juicer.⁠
4. Drink the juice immediately, or pour it into an airtight jar for up to 24 hours in the fridge.⁠



There you have it, folks. The message is loud and clear that celery juice offers amazing health benefits and doesn't have to be unpalatable at all. Celery is also one of the more affordable vegetables so it won't break the bank. Definitely worth giving a try eh?

We'd love to know, are you juicing celery at the moment? What health benefits have you noticed?

Until next time, happy juicing!

Team MOD x

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