MOD Blend Pro Cyclone Jug Set

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BPA Free Tritan 1L Cyclone Jug Set

The 1L Cyclone Jug provides you the same power and irresistibly smooth end result as the 2L jug, while allowing more targeted blending and greater versatility. The 1L Cyclone Jug makes it easy to prepare single or double serves of your favourite smoothie, soup or dip. Small batch blending will help decrease waste and will allow for quicker clean up. 

Note : please hold the 1L Cyclone Jug in place when blending at a high speed or blending harder ingredients such as nuts as the intensity may cause the machine to wobble. 

Cyclone Rotating Lid

The set includes a Cyclone Rotating Lid which has been specially designed to prevent sticky food and blended ingredients from getting stuck on the inner sides of the jug. There is no need to stop blending half way through and scrape down the sides, simply rotate the lid during blending to ensure all your ingredients are incorporated evenly. The top of the lid pops off allowing you to add additional liquid or ingredients during blending without having to stop and take the whole rotating lid off. Perfect for nut butters, dips, smoothie bowls and nice-cream.

Standard Silicon Cyclone Jug Lid

Perfect for recipes with a high liquid content where food sticking to the side of the jug is not an issue such as soups and milkshakes.