We welcome your questions! Here is a collection of our most frequently asked questions.  If you can't find an answer to your query below, contact us on 1300 89 89 60 or email us at info@modjuicer.com.au.

Why cold pressed?

Cold press extraction is a method of juicing that uses low heat technology to extract the juice from produce. It is far superior to traditional juicing as it retains the maximum level of nutrients of your produce, lasts longer (up to 72 hours under refrigeration), yields a much greater quantity of juice and allows you to juice even tricky veg like kale. 

Why Mod?

Mod has a number of unique features that set it apart. For one we are 100% Australian owned and operated out of our home town, Melbourne!  Aside from being a cold pressed juicer (see above) Mod has a super wide mouthed chute enabling you to pop your produce in whole. Its interior slicing blade saves you time by minimising the need to chop! Mod also boasts a clever non-drip juice spout that enables you to mix your juice before serving. Want more? It is super quiet to run, a breeze to clean (coming with a unique cleaning brush) and can even make nut milks and frozen fruit sorbets!

What can I juice?

Virtually all fruit, veg and leaves! Everything from whole apples, carrots and kale to pear, beetroot and ginger. There are some sensible guidelines for preparing some produce, including removing peel from citrus and taking out large stones. Check out the Product Brochure for comprehensive advice.

No chopping or peeling for most produce?

Yep, that's right! Including leafy greens like kale and wheatgrass, whole apples and ginger. There are sensible exceptions to this which are outlined in our Product Brochure. This includes ensuring you cut extra large produce into pieces that will fit in the chute, removing large seeds from stone fruit and removing peel from citrus.

How long does my juice last?

In the refrigerator, your Mod juice lasts up to 72 hours in an appropriate flask, BPA free container or glass bottle.

Will I save money making my own cold pressed juice?

Yes! If you're a regular juicer you'd be saving up to $1100 a year AND owning your own Mod! Check out our recent blog article on the subject.

What warranty do you offer?

We are proud to offer a 20 year motor and 5 year parts and labour warranty. Check out our Warranty Policy for further information.

What is Mod made out of?

All of Mod's components are made of food safe, BPA free plastics and stainless steels. Our auger is made from GE Ultem Polymer, an incredibly strong material, making it incredibly durable.

What are Mod's size specs?

Mod is a very compact machine with a minimal benchtop footprint. It weighs approx 6.5kg, stands 46cm tall, with a base of 22cm x 16cm at its largest points. This doesn't include the standalone juice jugs that catch your pulp and juice. These  are approximately 16cm x 14cm x 8cm in size each.

How do i clean my Mod?

We do not recommend dishwasher cleaning. Wipe clean the main body of the juicer if required. Mod is easy to clean by pulling all the separate pieces apart and rinsing in warm soapy water. Your metal mesh filter is simply scrubbed using the unique Mod brush and excess pulp can be removed from the pulp chute by opening the orange plug and scopping pulp out using the hook on the Mod brush.

How long can I use my Mod for at one time?

We do not recommend using your Mod for longer than 30 minutes continuously.

I can even make sorbet with Mod? How?

It's a total breeze! Simply choose your favourite frozen fruit and follow these simple directions!

- Remove your frozen fruit from the freezer and allow to defrost for 10 minutes or so (longer for larger fruits)

- Replace the metal mesh and plastic rotation wiper with your clear plastic filter in your Mod Cold Press

- Pop your semi defrosted fruit down the juicer chute (keeping your fingers away from the blade), switch on and push down!

- Watch in amazement as your beautiful sorbet is created!

I can make nut milks with Mod? How?

Easy! Firstly make sure you choose only raw nuts. We find almonds yield the best results.

- Simply soak 100g of nuts overnight in water (for at least 12 hours)

- Take 800ml of filtered water and add a small pinch of salt, mix together

- Turn Mod on and add a quarter of the soaked almonds, followed by a quarter of the water

- Continue alternating soaked almonds with water until all added

- Waste from the nuts will begin to appear in the pulp chute

- Open the juice tap to let flow your tasty, fresh nut milk. Enjoy!

How can i source spare parts?

Easy! Simply head here and order online!

How much is shipping and do you ship to me? How long will it take?

We ship EVERYWHERE in Australia FREE of charge. Deliveries generally take between 2-5 business days.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at info@modjuicer.com.au or call us on 1300 89 89 60. We also offer a call back service. Just drop us a line and we will call you back at a time that suits!