Go Nuts!

Nuts for nuts? Mod is your new best friend! In just minutes you can create your own additive-free nut butters and delicious and tasty nut milks. Save time and money and go Mod! Here are a couple of our favourite recipes.

Nut milk

Easy! Firstly make sure you choose only raw nuts. We find almonds yield the best results.

- Simply soak 100g of nuts overnight in water (for at least 12 hours)

- Take 800ml of filtered water and add a small pinch of salt, mix together

- Turn Mod on and add a quarter of the soaked almonds, followed by a quarter of the water

- Continue alternating soaked almonds with water until all added

- Waste from the nuts will begin appear in the pulp chute

- Open the juice tap to let flow your tasty, fresh nut milk. Enjoy!

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Nut butter

Soak 100g of raw nuts of choice overnight in filtered water (for at least 12 hours) and drain
- Option to add a dash of your favourite oil to soaked nuts (coconut etc.)
- Replace metal filter and black basket with clear filter (the same as is used for sorbet)
- Push the orange plug located under the main juicer body to the side, reassemble juicer
- Slowly feed the soaked nuts down the chute
- Watch as your nut butter appears through the pulp chute! Enjoy!