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Carrot Mix - Mod Appliances Australia
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Carrot Mix

3 carrots
1 apple
2 celery hearts
¼ cucumber
½ beet
½ lemon

1. Peel your beets before juicing as this will avoid the “earthy” taste that many people complain about after juicing an unpeeled beet. 

2. Feed the lemon through your Mod. 
3. Rinse celery hearts thoroughly and cut them into smaller pieces before putting through your Mod. 

4. Rinse your carrots thoroughly and juice your carrots with the greens and skins still on.

5. Feed apple into your Mod without cutting nor removing pits.

6. Cut the cucumber in half, no need to peel. and use it to help push leafy greens through your juicer. 


Tip: If you enjoy this recipe, make it again the next day ;)