MOD Blend Pro (Silver) + Coconut Bowl Pack

Mod Blend Pro seamlessly combines beautiful design with innovative blending technology. 

Includes 5 intelligent pre-set programs, instant pulse and touch swipe multi power, all effortlessly controlled from a stylish digital display.

Mod Blend Pro (Silver) + Coconut Bowl Pack - Mod Appliances Australia
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What can I make?

Nut Meal

Make your own nut meal in seconds! Perfect for cooking, adding to smoothies and more.

Ground coffee

Nothing beats freshly ground beans in your morning coffee! Grind your own in an instant!

Salad dressing

Whisk up the perfect dressing in no time at all. Make even the simplest salad sing!

Nut butter

The perfect alternative to store-bought nut butter and with no added nasties! Amazing on toast or on apple slices for a healthy treat.

Ground grains

Blitz your own flour from scratch in seconds! Perfect for making your own gluten-free flours too.

Hot chocolate

Warm up on a cosy winter's day with delicious hot chocolate. Made by you in a flash!


Turn leftovers into a healthy soup in no time at all. You'll never order takeaway again!


The perfect day starts with the perfect smoothie! MOD gives you the power to blitz even the most frozen of ingredients - including ice.


You haven't lived until you've tried a MOD milkshake. Silky smooth and perfect every time!

Green juice

Whole juice in a flash. Full of fibre with all the goodness intact, it's the perfect way to boost your day!

Nice cream

MOD's superior power makes nice cream so easy! Frozen fruit is effortlessly turned into mouth-watering dessert in moments.


Turn your favourite frozen fruit into a healthy dessert in seconds! Perfect for balmy summer nights.

Mod Blend Pro Features

5 pre-set features

Goodbye guess work! Create ice cream, smoothies, soups, whole juice and ground ingredients with the touch of a button.

Touch slider

Swipe your finger over the 8-speed slider and tailor your blending experience to your needs.

Pulse function

You're in the driver seat! Boost your blend with a short and sharp pulse whenever you need.

1500 Watts commercial grade motor

For the power and efficiency you need to effortlessly create professional results every time. Speed: 30,000 RPM, carbon brush, high speed powerful motor.

Superior stainless steel blades

2.2mm Japanese carbon steel blades - extra durable, stay sharp technology.

Generous 2lt jug

Means you can make servings as large as you need to, meal prep or feed the whole family in a flash.

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Optional 1lt cyclone jug set

For single serves and smaller batches of your favourite recipes.

Simple to clean

With just one jug, cleaning is a breeze!