Whether you're considering a juice cleanse or are simply curious, this week we are sharing some ideas on how it can be done in a way that is less of a shock to your body (and mind).

Your body needs time to shift into healing mode, and time to shift out of it. Dedicating yourself to a healing regimen definitely needs to become a priority for the time you’re doing it, not just something you’re squeezing into your already jam-packed schedule. Going slow, and leaving room for rest and rejuvenation are key principles in a successful juice cleanse.

Here are some ideas for embarking upon a cleanse in a safe and effective way. Always be sure to seek advice from your medical practitioner before embarking upon any major dietary changes.

First, set aside a 3-5 day period where you can keep a minimum schedule and have plenty of time for juicing, resting and just taking great care of yourself. You do not want to cleanse during a stressful work week or a time when you have visiting family members staying with you – that would be counterproductive.

Next prepare your body by eating only raw produce and cooked legumes for 2-3 days before you cleanse (maybe a little longer if typically your veggie intake comes from the lettuce on your burger and the ketchup with your fries!). Think smoothies or vegetable sticks with hummus – ditch the processed foods, starches and heavy dairy. That way you are easing into the process, and your digestive system won’t be shocked.

For the next 3 days, plan to only consume fresh fruit and vegetable juice. It will be hard to tell your mind that you don’t need solid food to feel satisfied, so take it one day at a time. If you really, really need to eat something, snack on watermelon or pureed apple. Drink at least 2-3 litres of water (with lemon if you like) per day. Herbal tea is also a great choice.

During this time, give yourself lots of opportunity to rest, and be minimally active. A nice walk in the afternoon or some gentle yoga is fine. Since your body is not consuming a lot of calories, and is in repair mode, avoiding strenuous exercise will keep your energy focused on healing, not exertion.

After consuming only juice and water for 3 days, return to eating raw fruits and vegetables for 2 more days. You’ll have to fight the urge to eat something solid, as your brain will want to over-indulge in something high in calories. However, this will shock your system and undo the work you have done over the last several days. Your stomach has shrunk over the last few days and the first solid food you put into your system should be light and easy to digest. Not an entire pizza or your favourite burger. 

However, you should not use fasting or cleansing as a quick fix for treating yourself poorly. Just because you can reverse the build up of toxins in your body, it is no excuse for going on a binge with food and drink or other substances. Treat your body like a temple, cleanse it ritually, respect it daily. After all, it is the only body you've got!

Team MOD xoxo