Buy MOD Accessories: Blender, Smoothie & Juicer Accessories

Level up your juicing and smoothie experience with our range of MOD accessories and include eco-friendly stainless steel straws, coconut bowls, mason jars & more. 

Juicer Accessories

Discover our premium range juicer accessories to elevate your juicing experience. From stainless steel straws to icy pole moulds, we've got everything to enhance your kitchen's juicing capabilities. Dive in and find the perfect additions for your juicer, ensuring fresh and flavourful drinks every time- check out our drink flasks if you want them on the go too!

Smoothie & Blender Accessories

We have a range of smoothie &  blender accessories also! Whether you're crafting a nutrient-packed green drink or a decadent berry blend, find the tools here that make smoothie-making a breeze and check out our range of blender accessories today