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While almost anything that grows on a tree, shrub or plant is going to deliver a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals, not all are alike. And your family knows they don’t all taste alike. Some produce items have more vitamin C than others, some have more calcium, and others offer essential fats, while the rest might not be at the top of your kid’s preferred foods. So what should you be putting in your MOD? That depends on what your nutrition goals are and how crafty you can be with flavours.

You’ve probably got a few basic juice recipes that you vary week to week, and they most certainly deliver a healthy dose of the good stuff. However, your body needs a wide variety of nutrients, and your palate probably could use a little variety too. Taking your basic juice recipe and amping up the flavour and nutritional profile by adding a different superfood each week will provide for both.

Best Nutrient-Rich Foods for Juicing

You might think that most of these foods belong on the dinner table, not juice bar, but you'll be surprised how tasty these additions can be - and check out the benefits!


Leafy greens are at the heart of most juicing recipes, and for good reason. Kale contains at least 45 different antioxidant flavonoids including anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory nutrients such as vitamin K, A and C.


A surprising and colourful addition to your morning routine, beetroot is renowned for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties along with folate and manganese. Beetroot helps the body detoxify and cleanse the blood.


This is an herb that is best used in your glass, not as a garnish on your plate. Parsley contains lots of powerhouse vitamins C and K, and also supports heart health while adding a fresh, clean flavor to juices.


Adding a floral, yet spicy kick to any recipe, ginger has been a trusted health food for centuries. It contains strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune boosting properties, while also providing a soothing effect on the digestive system.


One of the most popular summer fruits, blueberries pack a ton of nutrition in a tiny, sweet package. It offers phytonutrients including vitamin K and manganese which improve brain health and fight free radicals.


Carrots contain a huge amount of antioxidant and anticancer properties along with vitamin A, supporting vision and skin health.

How To Enjoy

A nice base of apple or a neutral veggie like cucumber combined with 2-3 ingredients from this list will ensure you have an explosion of energy and vitality each day. Making it flavourful while also making it healthy will keep you and your family craving the phytonutrients contained in these foods. Most veggies have a taste which children (and some adults) are huge fans of, so combining sweeter fruits with bitter veggies often brings out the deliciousness of both.

You need a wide variety of nutrients weekly, not just one great combo day after day, so  rotate through this list to keep your body and your taste buds functioning at their best.

Having a clever way to serve up super nutrition is key to keeping you and your family  healthy. We know your kids will love drinking purple juice, but not exactly enjoy a pile of beetroot at dinner. You can rest easily knowing you gave the best nutrition to your  family without a struggle at the dinner table by cleverly juicing your super-fruits and  veggies with more palatable ones.

Your family will never have to know how healthy  juicing can be - they’ll only know it’s delicious.

Until next time!

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