Hi friends,

Here at MOD we care as much about the health of the environment as we do for the health of our bodies. Where do you get your fruits and veggies for your MOD creations? It is always better to opt for seasonal and local, but this can be particularly difficult for the time-poor. 

The rise of the farmers market in urban areas is testament to the increasing openness of Australian's to purchase produce directly from the supplier. The farmers market can also be a source of strengthening community ties and a platform for not-for-profit organisations to garner support and donations. 

The industrial scale production of food is too reliant on oil and gas not only to provide chemicals and machinery on farms, but also distribute farm produce. A focus on profit and increased market demand has placed unprecedented pressure on Australian farmers. This has led to unsustainable agricultural practices including single crop harvests that strip the soil of vital nutrients and force farmers to introduce chemical fertilisers and pesticides to meet the required yields. 

The overproduction of food and disposal of perfectly fine produce in favour of an artificial ideal is an increasing problem. Each year Australian households on average throw out about six hundred dollars’ worth of food and national waste stands at around five billion dollars’ worth annually. This contributes to constantly expanding landfill areas and is unfeasible as a long term solution. 

Aiming to shop fresh and local will have a positive ripple effect through the community, if you would like to find your closest farmer's market then check out the following link: http://farmersmarkets.org.au/