We took time out this week to investigate the cost of buying a daily cold pressed juice versus making your own at home with the MOD Cold Press Juicer.  Can you save money juicing at home? The results are in, and they are pretty staggering!

Why cold pressed?

Cold pressed juices have grown in popularity over the past couple of years, and rightly so. They taste amazing, have far more vitamins and minerals than conventional juices and represent one of the easiest ways for your body to absorb nutrients. They can help us to manage our weight, to detoxify and to cleanse. They also fit neatly into even the busiest of lifestyles, and can tempt the pickiest of palates. 

For many of us, enjoying foods and activities that promote our wellness is a priority, and one we are willing to invest in. But could you possibly be saving money, without compromising - and perhaps even improving - your health?

To find out, we calculated the cost of cafe or juice bar bought juice compared to buying your own cold press juicer.

Buy or DIY


On average, a cold press juice purchased from a cafe or juice bar is around $11. This is based on looking at price of juice bars across the major Australian cities. 

Let's imagine you are buying a $11 juice, 5 days a week, that amounts to 260 juices a year, or $2860!


Let's compare this cost to juicing at home. Your investment here is a once of purchase of your MOD, (currently on sale at $479 AUD), plus the cost of your produce for 5 days at around around $3.50 per juice (for instance, a cucumber, 2 carrots, an apple, a small piece of ginger came to around $3.50 in our local grocery store). This amounts to $910. 

Juicer ($479) + produce ($910) = $1389.

So, on average you would be saving over $1471 for the first year if you make your own cold pressed juice 5 days a week, rather than buying it! Plus you own your juicer! Each subsequent year, you would save $1950! Talk about serious savings.


Other benefits of DIY?

Having a juicer at home has the added benefits of being able to make your own nut milks and sorbets too. Plus, you can reuse the pulp in a range of recipes, and you are not contributing to our already huge packaging problem by using your own glass at home, not a plastic cup.

In addition to saving this hefty sum, juicing at home allows you to take full control over the quality of your produce, your recipes, your ingredients - all when YOU want it. Only like to shop organic or local? Hate beetroot? Allergic to ginger? Want to start a detox IMMEDIATELY after a rather big weekend? All totally doable with MOD. Not only that, with your own MOD, you can also make your own healthy, refined sugar free sorbets!

MOD empowers you to take full control of your juice, and your health.

So what are you waiting for? 



See the MOD Cold Press Juicer in action: