When you are craving something sweet, pancakes can really hit the spot and they don't have to be loaded with sugar to do so. 

Carissa has kindly shared her go-to pancake recipe that is so quick and easy, it can be made during the working week.

The best thing about pancakes is the toppings (of course!). There are no rules with pancake toppings, so do whatever tickles your fancy! Carissa topped the pancakes pictured with creamy tahini, coconut yoghurt, a chocolate paleo mix, berries, kiwifruit and honey.

When Carissa is in a rush, she will smother her pancake in peanut butter and honey, whack a whole banana in there and wrap the pancake around the banana and eat it as she is walking out the door.

February 23, 2021 — Mod Appliances

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