If you’ve ever tried the MOD Cold Press Juicer, you know just how effective it is at extracting juice. Our juicer excels at extracting the most juice out of each piece of produce. After the juicer works its magic, fruit and vegetable pulp is leftover. This can be composted or turned into one of many creative recipe possibilities. It can feel a bit disheartening to continuously compost leftover produce pulp and that’s why we love to offer you ideas on how to repurpose your pulp!

For carrot juice fans, we’ve got a simple 6 ingredient recipe for healthy home baked crackers! This recipe includes chia seeds and flax seeds, which are both a great source of plant-based protein, fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids.

To prepare for this recipe you’ll need to juice your carrot juice to create pulp. For this recipe we created 750ml from one 1kg bag of carrots. If you prefer to use a smaller amount, simply divide the recipe in half.

Bring these crackers to any get together for a gluten-free crowd pleasing snack!