To celebrate International Dog Day we thought we would dedicate a blog to our beloved furry friend. 

Below are some of our all time favourite dog facts:

  1. Dogs sense of smell is roughly 40 times better than ours!

  2. Studies have proven that dogs can be trained to learn over 100 words and gestures. In human terms, this puts them at the same intellectual level as a two year old. Some would argue that training a dog is significantly easier than training a 2 year old as dogs love to please their owner. Two year olds though...not so much!

  3. The fastest breed is, of course, a Greyhound. They can reach a top speed of 72 km per hour within seconds of starting to run. They can also maintain this speed over a large distance. Interestingly, a cheetah can reach a top speed of roughly 110km - 115km per hour but they can only maintain this speed for around 30 seconds. That means that a cheetah would start ahead but a Greyhound would most likely be overtake a cheetah long distance! 

 If you are looking to spoil your furry friend, why not try out one of our amazing dog treat recipes?

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