We all know how important it is to eat and juice well. Many of us make sourcing the best quality produce a priority, but could you possibly be saving money by doing things slightly differently? Here are some of our favourite cost saving ideas.

Grow your own

This is surprisingly easy and you can save a bomb! Many juicing staples like silverbeet, mint, parsley, lemons and cucumber are among the simplest to grow. Check it this great beginners guide. Once you get going, you could even swap your produce at a local Produce Swap Meet, where locals swap what they have plentiful amounts of for things they require - and all for free!

Buy seasonally

It is so much cheaper and just makes so much more sense to buy what is seasonably available. Don't buy plums flown in from Florida in July if you live in Sydney. Buy what is plentifully available and is growing well near where you live. You will save money, your produce will taste at its peak and you will also be supporting our local farmers. 

Buy in bulk

There are many fantastic wholesale markets that allow the public to purchase, provided you buy in certain quantities. This is an amazing way to save money and ideal for produce that has a long shelf life (like apples and citrus). Do a quick Google search and you will be surprised.

Make the freezer your new best friend

So many different foods freeze well but we often leave them in the fridge to spoil. Hummus, pestos, pasta sauces, tomato paste (the list goes on) all freeze wonderfully. Simply pour or spoon them into an ice cube mould and once frozen, transfer to a labelled snaplock bag for future use.

Further to our earlier points, buy produce in bulk when it is in season and at its cheapest (mangoes are a great example) and whatever you don't want to eat at the time, simply freeze for future use. 

Buy locally

Almost every suburb and town these days is blessed with a farmers market. Sometimes the stock is perfectly tasty (and absolutely juiceable!) but cannot be sold to retail for a variety of reasons (due to its slightly different shape or colour perhaps). You can make savings here but also enjoy a chat with your growers!

Get to know the "cheap days" at your local shop

MOD's local organic place in Melbourne has 20% off all produce each Sunday, for instance. A great way to make significant savings simply buy choosing to shop on a certain day.

These are some of our favourite ways to drive down that grocery bill. We would love to hear from you, if you have any tips of your own!