With Father's Day around the corner we thought we would showcase a recipe that is hearty and warming and perfect for spoiling your dad. 

This pasta recipe is rich and meaty and delicious served alongside a garden salad.

It is also an extremely versatile recipe that is created using predominantly pantry staples meaning it is perfect when you have little in the fridge. 

As the cream sauce is made from nuts and water and not cream, it is naturally dairy free. We have included all the substitutes that can be made in the recipe note section below, including how to make it gluten free and/or vegan friendly if required. 

This recipe is loaded with protein, good fats and healthy carbs and using a high speed blender, such as the MOD Blend Pro, means you do not need to soak the nuts beforehand, making it a quick recipe to throw together.

If you feel like treating your dad to the ultimate breakfast as well, try out our orange spiced french toast! Load it up with caramelized banana, bacon and maple syrup - it is the ultimate breakfast to say "I love you Dad".