Using your MOD Cold Press Juicer to make soy milk is actually so much easier than you may think. Using a cold pressed juicer means no squeezing mushy soybeans through a nut milk bag like you are required to do when making it using a blender, just simply feed the soaked beans through juicer along with some filtered water and soy milk will flow out the one spout and the pressed pulp will come out the other spout. Easy peasy. 

Soy milk is such a great, creamy alternative to cow's milk. Homemade soy milk does have a stronger flavour than the typical store bought brands so for this reason, drinking it plain may not be everyone's preference. It is great, however, used in baking, added into smoothies or porridge or used in cooking as the higher fat content (compared with other plant based milks) results in a richer, more flavourful end product. It also has a similar texture to cow’s milk making it an easy swap. 

Like all plant based milks, it is actually really easy to make at home and only requires two basic ingredients - filtered water and soybeans. There is the option to sweeten it by adding in vanilla and a dash of maple syrup but if you are planning on adding it to savoury dishes then you can just leave it plain. The only extra step that has to be taken when making soy milk compared with other plant based milks is that you will need to cook the milk prior to consuming as it cannot be eaten raw. 

Try this recipe out and we would love to hear how you go!