You may know that the MOD Cold Press comes with a sorbet attachment free as part of the bonus Wellness Bundle. If you’ve already purchased a MOD Cold Press Juicer and set this part aside, raid your most likely hidey-holes to locate this attachment and keep reading!

You can use your sorbet attachment to make not only homemade sorbet, but baby food puree as well. Our method for making pureed baby food is essentially the same as sorbet which is simply prepared, frozen whole fruits that are combined by the juicer while still in a mostly frozen state. The result is a sweet frozen treat that is super healthy and delicious!

Parenting hack #1 - This 'sorbet' is also a great snack to feed a toddler who is teething - nutrients, fibre and gum-soothing all-in-one!

Parenting hack #2 - If your child is younger and still on pureed foods, you can also use the sorbet attachment to make puree with fresh cooked veggies or fruit!

You can watch a quick demo of MasterChef Australia Finalist Tim Bone demonstrating how to make sorbet here: 

The process is exactly the same for puree, except you’ll be using your prepared (unfrozen) ingredients. For details of how to assemble your juicer using the sorbet attachment and inspiration you can check out this article. You can also find inspiration in the Juicing Handbook and instructions on page 15 of your MOD Cold Press Manual.

Can I Make Puree For My Baby In My MOD Cold Press Juicer?

You sure can! Make the most of your juicer when it’s in use, before or after juicing. Simply swap out the strainer (and black basket) for the sorbet strainer! After removing the pulp tab completely from the base of the juicer bowl (remember to pop it off the screw completely!), reassemble your juicer as normal. Put through any pre-cooked veggies you normally use (unfrozen).

The juicer will process everything together and give you a super smooth result. You can prepare in bulk, freezing smaller portions if you wish. Please follow professional advice regarding the types of produce and additions appropriate for your child and how to pre-cook, especially for infants.

*WebMD advise that babies can be offered solid food from around 6 months and suggest avoiding honey and added sugar.

Try these pureed baby food combinations:

  • Banana & blueberry
  • Carrot & sweet potato
  • Zucchini & carrot or squash

Can I Give My Teething Toddler Sorbet To Soothe Teething?

In much the same way, you can use frozen produce to make an all-natural sorbet. This healthy and delicious snack will also help soothe angry gums! Kids often love to be part of the juicing or sorbet process too, with supervision of course. Fruit goes in, good stuff comes out! Again, please follow any professional advice regarding preparation. Frozen banana, watermelon and mango are sweet, natural and soothing.

Try these sorbet combinations:

  • Banana & mango
  • Mango & peach
  • Pear & apple
  • Watermelon & mint
  • Avocado & a small amount of lemon or lime

*WebMD article