Morning after juice inspo

Morning after juice inspo

Hi Modders

Been overdoing it lately? Have we got the juice for you!

Morning After Juice

After a big night out, it’s important to replace some of the nutrients your body lost the night before, and give the detoxification process a helping hand so you start feeling like yourself again sooner rather than later.

2 tomatoes

½ cucumber

2 stalks of celery

½ bulb fennel

1 carrot

½ lemon

1 handful of parsley

Juice all ingredients, then add:

Sea salt and black pepper to taste

For an extra kick, you can also add:

½ a chili, seeds removed

Tomato – contains Vitamins A and C, essential for the removal of toxins. They are also about 90% water so they assist with rehydration. They are also rich in lycopene which will assist in reducing inflammation in the body

Cucumber – high in the B vitamins and electrolytes that the alcohol would’ve robbed from your body the night before. They will also help to alkalize the body

Celery – contains potassium and sodium which will assist with fluid regulation to help expel toxins. Also contains calcium and magnesium which can reduce severity of a headache

Fennel – known to improve liver function, helping to expel toxins faster. Can also help to calm an upset stomach

Carrot – high in Vitamin A to assist with the detoxification process.

Lemon – rich in Vitamin C to help the liver with the removal of toxins

Parsley – acts as a diuretic so will help to move toxins out of the body. Also binds to heavy metals to help the body eliminate them

Peppers – can help to speed up the metabolism and allow you to sweat out the toxins

So there you have it! The most delicious way we can think of to replenish after a big night!

Until next time.

Peace & Juice!

Team Mod

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