August 29th is National Lemon Juice Day.

Admittedly it is a slightly strange day to celebrate but we thought it would be a great time to highlight some of the wonderful properties of incorporating lemon into your diet (via juicing, of course!) and also provide you with an array of zesty recipes for you to try out in your MOD Cold Press Juicer

Below are some of our favourite reasons as to why lemons are fabulous! 

  1. Everyone knows that lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C. And, of course, the first thoughts are how vitamin C helps boost immunity and ease cold and flu like symptoms, but it can also help maximise the body's natural ability to absorb iron! This decreases the chances of becoming iron deficient leading to possible anemia.

  2. Another awesome benefit is how it improves digestion. This is why so many people swear by warm water and lemon juice first thing in the morning. The reason they are doing this is to kick start their metabolism and get their digestive system moving, preventing constipation and general discomfort.

  3. Our third and final favourite fact is that vitamin C plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen. Collagen is the support system for the skin and has become a bit of a buzz word lately with so many companies rolling out various collagen powders. Studies have shown that by either consuming vitamin C or applying it topically can help prevent the type of damage associated with sun exposure, pollution, second hand smoke and ageing. 

So how do you incorporate more lemon into your diet?

Well, you could have a glass of warm water with lemon squeezed in each morning or you could try one of our yummy cold pressed juices!  

Some of our favourite lemony juices are: 

Or try out our Strawberry & Lemon Sorbet using the sorbet strainer that comes with the MOD Cold Press for a refreshing summer time snack!