Easter weekend can leave us surrounded by piles and piles of chocolate and despite even our best efforts, before you know it, that easter bunny (or two) has been demolished. There is nothing wrong with indulging on Easter and hey, if that chocolate is calling your name, then go for it. 
However, if the sugary stuff doesn't normally appear in your diet, the come down after consuming chocolate in copious amounts can be quite a rollercoaster. 
That is why, we, at MOD Appliances, have created this little Post Easter Detox Juice to give your insides a helping hand to flush out all the refined sugar and get everything back to performing at its best. 
Enjoy this drink in the mornings following on from Easter alongside a healthy and nutritious breakfast as well as balanced meals throughout the day. 
The green apple used here is a great sweetener and works perfectly at balancing out any bitterness that the greens in this juice may have. We never recommended peeling apples (or any produce really, unless necessary), as the skin contains a huge amount of vitamin A, C and potassium. This run-of-the-mill, cheap to buy fruit, is great at breaking down toxins, lowering cholesterol and aiding digestion. 
Dark leafy greens, such as baby spinach, are a rich source of iron. You can substitute any of the other leafy greens here, think swiss chard, english spinach or kale, but as baby spinach is cheap to buy and often comes pre-washed, it tends to be our go-to when making a green juice. Baby spinach also has quite a mild taste compared with some of its counterparts and pairs great with the apple. Spinach is also very alkalizing and has a plethora of many essential vitamins and minerals. The idea of eating a salad with every meal can send some people over the edge, so juicing your greens is a great way to still incorporate them into your diet. 
Cucumbers are such an unrated vegetable when it comes to juicing. They are often discounted because of its high water content, why just not add in a cup of water at the end of juicing and save on purchasing the cucumber? Well, in addition to having a high water content which is great for promoting cell hydration and regulating body temperature, they are also high in vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C and folic acid. They also will help to ease inflammation in the body. Lastly, its high silica content helps to alleviate skin issues, hair loss and strengthens and promotes nail growth.
Parsley is one of my all time favourite herbs. It can be added to just about any dish to add a boost of flavour but it also contains such a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Parsley contains potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, B, C, E and K. It is seriously amazing! If you are sensitive to the taste of parsley or a bit hesitant to add it to your juice, start with just juicing the leaves. They offer a slightly milder taste than the stems do. Pairing the parsley with lemon, apple and ginger makes it quite delightful. 
Ginger has to be one of my favourite additions to a juice. I am yet to find a juice where the addition of ginger does not instantly make it a thousand times better. Ginger contains gingerol which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and aids in digestion and relieves bloating. A little goes a long way so if you find the taste overpowering, feel free to start with a small amount, you'll still get all the benefits. For ginger enthusiasts, such as myself, feel free to add as much as your heart desires.  
Lastly, lemons have been included in this recipe because of their vitamin C content which helps to boost the immune system and also because it adds a level of complexity to the taste of the juice. Do you ever make a juice and find it just tastes a bit flat and two dimensional? The solution? Add in some citrus. The acidity that a lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit add will help to bring a bit of life to your glass and round out the flavour profile of your juice (the same goes for cooking as well!). In addition, lemons are highly alkalizing and are widely known for their detoxifying properties (hence why drinking lemon water when you first wake up is a thing). Adding vitamin C into your diet will also help your body to better absorb the iron from those leafy greens.