This is possibly one of the most simple celery juice recipes around. Simply prep and juice one bunch of celery and you have a glass filled with green goodness.

Why Drink Celery Juice?

Celery juicing has become a daily staple for so many of us. Dubbed as one of the greatest healing tonics of all time, there have been reports of people who have suffered from years of chronic or sometimes mystery illnesses who have restored their health but incorporating roughly 500ml of celery juice into their morning routine.

celery juice recipe

It's recommended to have it pure (not even ice is allowed in your glass) and first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The amount of lives this drink has changed has been somewhat astounding. 

Celery juice has been responsible for healing a long list of ailments including: 

  • Healing and restoring gut health and improving overall digestion
  • Reducing the frequency of outbreaks and clearing skin in general 
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Reducing and stabilizing blood pressure 
  • Detoxifying the liver 
  • Reducing brain fog and increasing mental clarity
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Boosting energy levels during the day 
  • Reducing mood swings and improving mood overall
  • Assisting weight loss 

It's ability to be provide all these amazing benefits is apparently due to celery juice being an alkalizing, enzyme-rich, electrolyte enhancing drink that assists with repairing the liver, balancing blood sugar and reducing inflammation.

Even if you are sceptical of all the wondrous health claims surround celery juicing, using the MOD Cold Press Juicer makes it an easy habit to incorporate into your daily routine. Simply prep a couple of large bunches on a Sunday night and store ready in your fridge so each morning you can make the recommended amount of celery juice in a matter of minutes with minimal clean up required! 

So pull out your MOD Cold Press Juicer, follow the basic steps below and try celery juicing for yourself!