Tofu is something that many meat eaters are scared to try and tend to avoid altogether. But it is a great source of plant based protein and something that shouldn't be overlooked. 100g of firm tofu has approximately 14.7g of protein. In comparison, eggs have about 13g of protein per 100g. Unopened tofu will often last in your fridge for weeks and so is a great product to have on back up when needing something quick. 

Similar to a chicken breast, on it's own it is quite bland but pair it with the right seasonings and it becomes something else entirely. It is so versatile - it is amazing at adding thickness to recipes and can be added to sweet or savoury recipes easily. 

This brekky wrap is an easy meal to throw together. Another great thing about tofu is that it comes already cooked so essentially what we are doing is just heating it up and giving the tofu a bit of colour and texture. 

Using our MOD Blend Pro makes sure that everything is combined nice and evenly and will give the tofu a nice soft, smooth texture.