Waste Free Juicing

Waste Free Juicing

Hi friends

Do you care about the health of the planet as well as your self and your family? If so, you'll probably be looking for ways to reduce waste in your home. 

Food waste is a massive issue for lucky countries like Australia. We can all make a difference by buying only what we need to and putting to good use all that we do buy. Eating leftovers for lunch the next day, turning old veggies into a yummy soup or freezing excess portions of foods are all great ways to reduce waste. But did you know you can also make a juicing waste free too?

Traditional juicers aren't capable of drawing out enough juice from your produce, meaning the pulp left behind is often slimy and wet and can be tricky to re-use in this form.

Mod's technology is different. It delivers pulp that is super dry, meaning you can re-use it in a variety of ways. Soups, casseroles, sausage rolls, veggie patties or muffins are all great places to start! Anything that calls for finely shredded fruit or veggies, basically!

So, in addition to enjoying the most nutritionally packed, raw, live juice available, this means that absolutely every part of your carefully selected fruit and veg ends up being put to a good use. And what's not to love about that?

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