2020 was the year we saw an outrageous amount of weddings postponed or cancelled. But as restrictions ease and the world finds new ways of coping with the pandemic, in 2021 (and the ongoing years) we will undoubtedly see an influx of wedding invitations arrive in our mailboxes.

And so, while we are busy trying to see if that suit still fits or getting our feet again used to the feeling of standing and dancing all night long in heels, the time consuming (and often frustrating) search for the perfect gift begins again.

Here we wanted to pull together the ultimate wedding guide for when you are buying for a couple who are passionate about health and wellness or who are wanting to start making that a focus going forward.

For so many of us, the word "wellness" can take on many forms so whether you you are buying for a couple who is passionate about fitness and the great outdoors or a couple of healthy eating foodies, we have summarised some of the most perfect gifts to make present shopping a walk in the park.



For the fitness, outdoorsy, can't-sit-still couples:

healthy couple gift ideas

A 10 Day Class Pass

Exercising doesn't only serve up some of those feel good endorphins but there are numerous studies that show that when working out as a couple, it can lead to increased feelings towards one another, help build trust and improve overall intimacy. 

MOD Blend Pro

Our 1500W commercial grade motor machine will make perfect creamy smoothies, açai bowls, raw bliss balls or nourishing soups. Perfect for a post work-out feed and meals on the run, plus with a five year warranty, it will be a staple appliance in the happy couple's life for years to come. With a colour to suit every kitchen. See our range here.

For the healthy eating, foodie couples

A series of cooking classes 

It is all too common for one person in the relationship to end up tasked with making dinner each night. Spending time together in the kitchen is a great, fun way to decompress after a long day of working. And if someone is lacking slightly in skills, attending a couple of night cooking classes is an excellent way to learn a  new skill and try some fantastic food. 

A monthly subscription to GoodnessMeBox

Give your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving (literally). You can gift a three month, six month or annual subscription where the couple will receive tasty, healthy treats right to their doorstep on a monthly basis. Each box is unique and packed to the brim with a range of products. Click her for subscription options to suit every budget.

For the Eco-warrior couple

Household Kitchen Starter Kit

This gift is perfect for any couple that is looking to do the same. Pack a wicker basket filled with reusable and sustainable kitchen items that will get them set up in their new home. Some of our favourite products to include are:


The general Health and Wellness inspired couple: 

Healthy family gift

MOD Cold Press Juicer

And last, but certainly not least. The Ultimate Gift. There is nothing that screams health quite like homemade, cold press green juice. For those foodie couples that love to experiment in the kitchen, this is the gift for them. Not only can it press juice to perfection, retaining the nutritional content but it can also make nut milks and turn frozen fruit into sorbets (which is an absolute hit with kids). There are also a million and one ways to repurpose the pulp. Check out our awarding winning juicer here!


So there you have it! A range of unbelievably awesome and unique gifts to suit just about every budget and wellness couple.