How To Use

How do I use Mod?

It couldn't be easier! You really can make juicing a part of every day with Mod. Simply follow the steps below.

Mod apple going in

Select your produce, wash thoroughly, switch Mod on both at your power outlet and on the appliance and pop you produce down the extra large 8cm chute! Check our Product Guide for advice on whether your produce requires any preparation - most doesn't.

Mod apple being sliced

Push produce down and let the interior blade do all the hard work of slicing.

Mod apple being crushed

Let the juicing begin! Mod's slow, cold pressed extraction mechanism retains the maximum level of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and minerals in your juice.

Mod apple juice

While juice is accumulating, pulp will caught by your jug. Keep your juice spout closed if you wish (a great idea if mixing a few fruit or vegies - in this example we added kale) then open the spout when ready!

Mod green juce

And you're done! Enjoy your personalised juice in the knowledge that you are nourishing your body and your soul with the most fresh, raw and living juice available! Welcome to wellness!

And don't forget that you can re-use your pulp in a number of ways, too. Try in soups, casseroles or muffins!