Are you an almond milk fan? Us too! The MOD Cold Press Juicer makes delicious creamy almond milk in minutes, and without any hidden additives. It means no hidden additives, preservatives, sugars or colouring! You can also customise it to your liking by adding a dash of vanilla extract, cinnamon and or maple syrup to make it a little sweet. Homemade almond milk tastes much better than the store-bought. When you make almond milk with a cold pressed juicer juicer like the MOD Cold Press, there is no need to squeeze the milk through a nut milk bag making the process that much easier!

With so many reasons to make your own almond milk we don't doubt you'll be making your own weekly! If you’re wondering what to do with the leftover pulp, we’ve got you covered!

Keep scrolling to learn how to turn your leftover almond pulp into almond meal. 


How to Make Your Own Almond Meal

The first step is to make almond milk with your MOD Cold Press Juicer. After you’ve made your milk, make sure you save the almond pulp. Your MOD juicer does a terrific job of removing almost all of the moisture from the pulp, however, to make the almond meal you’ll need the pulp to be bone dry. Simply place it in the oven on low heat for an hour or two. Allow it to cool completely, then use a high-powered blender like the MOD Blend Pro to process the leftover almond pulp into almond meal! 

Recipe yields - ⅔ cup of almond meal

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