Best Plant Milk Recipes

Best Plant Milk Recipes

Hi friends

We often get asked the question, should i try making my own plant milks?

In a nutshell (pardon the pun), YASS, not only because they taste sooo much better but because they are nasty ingredient free!

Next time you're in your local shop, have a read of the ingredient list on your soy, almond or other alternative milk carton. Most commonly seen are carrageenan (a highly processed seaweed used to make liquids creamier; with links to digestive issues in some people), calcium carbonate (used to boost the calcium content but which has been linked to cardiac problems in some individuals) and sugars (we don't even need to tell you why added sugars are a no-no). They are all added ingredients designed to improve the otherwise dull taste of their milk. You really can do without them in your life and your milk.

What to do instead? Make your own! Here's how with Mod!

Nut Milk

- Soak 100g of nuts (almonds, cashew, macadamia are all great) overnight in water (for at least 12 hours)

- Take 800ml of filtered water and add a small pinch of salt, mix together


- Turn Mod on and add a quarter of the soaked almonds, followed by a quarter of the water

- Continue alternating soaked almonds with water until all added

- Waste from the nuts will begin appear in the pulp chute

- Open the juice tap to let flow your tasty, fresh nut milk.





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