At MOD, we are always looking for ways to reduce waste and upcycle our food scraps. Whether it be by eliminating the plastic packaging around our products or by promoting zero waste juicing, we believe that small changes can help the planet in a massive way. 

Our private customer Facebook Group, has become a place where customers share not only juice recipes and tips but also the ways they are repurposing their juicing pulp into their cooking or baking, and we love it!

This recipe is one of our favourites so far!

The lovely Magdalena Grkow from Polish Treats, created this soft and wholesome bread roll recipe using leftover pulp from juicing carrots, celery, ginger and apples.

(Feel free to experiment with the pulp used, we imagine beetroot, zucchini or pear would work well as well)!

There is nothing quite like homemade bread.