For many of our customers, celery juicing is a non-negotiable part of their morning routine. So many people have loved the impact it has had of their health and mind set.

However, despite the growing popularity of cold pressed celery juice in Australia, there are still a fair few sceptics. If you are sitting on the fence about the whole movement, we have answered all the important questions below for you!

The Health Benefits Of Celery Juice

The benefits of celery juicing are vast! Many people claim that it is one of the greatest natural healing tonics of all time. 

It is 100% natural, low sugar, full of potassium, contains high levels of vitamins A, C and K as well as a range of essential minerals like iron, magnesium and sodium.

It helps to detoxify your liver, clear your skin, boost your energy levels, reduce brain fog, increase concentration, improve your sleep and regulate your digestion (just to name a few!).

Celery Juice FAQs

When And How Should You Drink Celery Juice?

It is recommended that you consume fresh, cold pressed celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then wait at least 15 minutes before commencing with the rest of your breakfast. 

It is also recommended that your drink it absolutely pure. This even means no ice in the glass as this can interfere with the magic. 

How Do You Make Celery Juice?

Simply wash and chop your celery (preferably organic if you can get your hands on it) into 2cm pieces and process them slowly through your MOD Cold Press Juicer.

That's it!

One medium bunch will provide you with your daily celery juice requirement.

For more detailed instructions, please see our celery juice recipe.

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How Much Celery Makes 16oz of Juice?

16oz of celery juice is equivalent to 475ml of liquid. Two measuring cups equals 500ml. So you are looking to consume just under half a litre of the green goodness each and every day.

What If I Can't Stand The Taste?

There are a few things you can do to get used to the taste.

  • You can start off with a smaller amount and slowly build up to the full 16oz per day. 
  • You can start with adding in cucumber with the celery as it will create a milder taste. Reduce the amount of cucumber you use as your taste buds adjust.
  • Chilled celery juice tastes significantly better than room temperature celery juice but to avoid adding ice cubes to your drink, pre-chop your celery the night before and store in the fridge along with the glass or mason jar you are planning on drinking your celery juice out of. That way when you run the celery through your MOD Cold Press, the liquid that is released is already chilled!

We promise you that even if you start off hating it, your tastebuds will adjust quicker than you think! Try drinking it consistently for 7 - 10 days and you will be surprised how much it will grow on you! 

If you have any other questions about celery juicing or the MOD Cold Press Juicer, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at or by calling 1300 89 89 60 and they will be able to assist you.