Cold Press Juicers Vs Traditional Juicers

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This is the story of a speedy hare who bragged about how fast he could run. Tired of hearing the same old story every day, the slow and steady tortoise challenged him to a race, and we all know the outcome of that story.

The tortoise and the hair is a classic account of a race between unequal partners, much like the comparisons made between fast and slow juicers. Every day our sales team are asked “What’s the difference between a Mod Cold Press Juicer and cheaper brands?” “Why should I buy a Mod Cold Press Juicer instead of just using my blender?” “What’s the difference between slow and fast juicing?”

We are glad you asked!

To avoid confusion, we first explain the different types of juicers available on the market…

Fast (centrifugal) Juicers throw fruit and vegetables into a spinning sieve-type basket with sharp blades on the bottom. The combination of the blades and the spinning motion rapidly separates the juice from the pulp. They juice faster than cold-press models and tend to be cheaper to purchase, but they are noisier and can’t successfully juice greens and soft fruits such as berries. The fast-spinning metal blades also generate heat, which destroys some of the enzymes in the fruits and vegetables. The heat also oxidises those nutrients, rendering a less nutritious juice.

Cold Press Juicers use a slow-moving rotating screw or gears to gently crush fruit and vegetables against a perforated screen, pressing the juice into your drinking glass. They are quiet to operate, great for preparing leafy greens, wheatgrass and soft fruits. Cold Press Juicers tend to be more expensive, and as their name suggests, they are slower to produce juice, however slow juicers consistently extract more juice and because they don’t produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients nutrients intact.

If you’re looking to improve your iron and vitamin C intake, you might want to consider a Mod Cold Press Juicer. Iron helps to prevent blood anaemia, and vitamin C is vital for boosting the immune system. Neither slow nor fast juicers retain much fibre because the pulp of the ingredients is removed.

Our in-house nutritionists have done the juicy hard work and compared results, confirming that the Mod Cold Press Juicer does a better job of retaining these nutrients compared with fast juicers. We share below, their delicious results:-

Mod Cold Pressed Juicer

Fast Juicer

Nutrient Retention

High. This process produces no heat, maintaining more of the ingredients’ nutrients

No so great. The high-speed spinning creates some heat, breaking down the nutrients

Ability to Process Leafy Greens

Efficient. Great for fans of green drinks

Less efficient. Far less juice is able to extracted from the greens

Ability to Process Nuts

Yes. Great for making nut milks


Noise Level

Very quiet



No advantage

No advantage – the two juicers, run side by side juiced at the same speed


A lot






Buy a Mod Cold Pressed Juicer if:

    • You’re into cleansing, making nut milks and green juices, and you like fresh juice
    • You want to pack more nutrients in your body
  • You don’t mind spending a few extra dollars
  • Buy a Fast (centrifugal) Juicer if:

    • You use the juice mostly for cooking, baking or other processes where heat will eventually be applied
    • You’re not fussed about getting maximum nutrients
    • You’re trying to save cash

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