From gift ideas to treats you can prepare the day before, we’ve got your Christmas Day covered. 

Hi friends, 

We can’t believe it’s nearly December, can you? We have a feeling we aren’t the only ones the festive season has sneaked up on!

For a lot of people, this year has brought continued changes and adjustments to life with ‘new normals’. In the midst of continued change, we are enjoying having Christmas to look forward to.

If the prospect of organising Christmas day for loved ones is daunting, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. 

With our suggestions, you can get your Christmas sorted nice and early this year. Gifts and festive treats alike!

Imagine your gifts arriving weeks ahead - no last minute shopping online, wondering if it will arrive on time. No facing parking, or crowds in shopping centres.

Nope, not you - not this year! Find a comfy spot, grab a pen and paper, and jot down your list of names.

We also have some handy suggestions for if you need to provide food or drinks on the day. 

Our plan? Work smarter and enjoy the day! So relax. Breathe. Let’s get Christmas day sorted with ease - Team MOD x

Christmas Recipes You Can Prepare The Day Before

Maybe you have a MOD Cold Press Juicer yourself and want to prepare something fresh and seasonal with your loved ones. Or maybe you are hosting or need to bring something to share?

Keep hold of your zen and enjoy the day with treats you can pre-prepare - even a festive mocktail. 

Juice Or A Light Breaky On A Busy Christmas Morning?

You may simply want a healthy juice to start the day before the festing begins, or you might want to prepare a juice to share with family later in the day. 

The great news is that cold pressed juice lasts in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days, so you can do this the day before (or even the day before that!).

Morning Juice For Energy

With the almost inevitable feasting that comes with Christmas Day, why not start the day off with a healthy juice? With kale, beetroot, tomato and carrot, this vibrant juice is packed with nutrients and will help to balance out a treat or two.

Need something light, quick and healthy for the family on Christmas morning? We know, it can be hectic! We’ve got you.

Choc Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Put your MOD Blend Pro to work with banana, rolled oats, protein powder, flax seeds and other goodies. We love it because it’s nutritious and delicious, but doesn’t weigh you down. With our nifty MOD Mason Jars, these delicious drinks can even be safely slurped en route. 

Chia Bircher (using leftover pulp)

This flavourful and delicious brekky is magic to look at and uses leftover pulp from your juicer!

Help, I’m hosting!

Hosting or need to bring something to share? Your potato salad is undoubtedly amazing, but here are a couple of ideas to shake things up this Christmas. 

Christmas Mocktail with Apple and Beetroot

Need an alcohol free beverage that’s still festive? Put your MOD Cold Press Juicer to work! Remember, you can pre-prepare cold press juice as it lasts up to three days in the fridge in an airtight container!

Christmas Pudding Bliss Balls

If you haven’t tried these, friend, you are missing out. This recipe makes 12 medium sized balls. They are best stored in the freezer which means there’s no need to whip them up on the day.

Vegan Candy Cane Ice Cream

You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this delicious sweet treat! It’s festive and on-theme for the colour scheme. Far lighter than pudding on a hot day, this vegan candy ice cream is one of our go-tos. Pull out your MOD Blend Pro to make this magic happen!


The health giving gift that saves on money and produce

Our MOD Cold Press Juicer is our gift of choice, and many of our customers agree. So much so we had to create a Gift Card for it!

Super handy if you don’t want to gamble on the colour, or leave ordering a little late. You can purchase a MOD Digital Gift Card in our online store.

What makes cold press juicing so good for you?

Maybe you have a MOD Cold Press Juicer yourself, if so you know what cold press juicing can do for you… Besides creating delicious drinks for yourself and your loved ones, there are numerous health benefits.

Cold Press Juice contains minimal insoluble fibre, while the cold press process ensures you get as much benefit from your fresh produce as possible. All the nutrients, easily absorbed! Our customers often report increased energy and a reduction in various symptoms when they juice regularly.

Recipes can be tailored if you are seeking particular benefits or nutrients, or just have a favourite combo!

What other benefits does cold press juicing offer?

Making your own cold press juice at home saves money buying cold press juices from Cafes, or pre-packaged ones. Your loved one will relish reducing produce waste, too! ‘Whatever’s in the fridge’ is a recipe that minimises food waste. Big ticks for both the budget and the planet. 

One of our customers described the benefits of daily juicing to his health, and his family.

“You have so much energy every day, it’s crazy! You feel like Superman. The kids love the juice and helping make it juice, too”. 

What else can the MOD Cold Press do?

You can also make delicious frozen fruit, sorbet or dips like hummus with our MOD Cold press!

Not to mention our juicer is also fantastic for making plant based milks. So with the MOD you’re giving much more than a juicer. 

We think the best gift this Christmas has to be the MOD Cold Press Juicer

Or blend their way to wellbeing

Many of us have experienced a half-hearted blender or food processor. Maybe it couldn’t handle ice, or the jug didn’t seal and the kitchen was decorated in your smoothie. 

We believe every home needs a powerful, reliable blender that will last the test of time.

Our MOD Blend Pro is made with quality and longevity in mind. We also like appliances that look sleek, after all they spend a lot of time on your kitchen counter! 

Whether they’re into smoothies, soups, acai bowls or grinding coffee and spices, your loved one will take over the kitchen with our MOD Blend Pro.

Appliances sorted? It’s time for something different

A new weekend ritual comes in the form of our Beverage Kits!

Customers tell us that brewing their own fermented drinks is a process they look forward to. Some people choose to make one batch at a time, others have several kits with batches in different stages!

Your loved one can make something with their own hands, discovering their own process and recipes. With minimal time and effort, they can enjoy Kombucha or Cider to enjoy all year round. 

Both of these drinks go back thousands of years and are more popular than ever! They are easy to make at home with the right equipment and ingredients.

Home brewed is better for the environment and the back pocket. Making their own, your loved one can also control the flavours and avoid nasties such as preservatives. 

Kombucha kit

Kombucha is tea-based, fermented drink which is rich in probiotics and antioxidants that also satisfies a sweet craving.

Kombucha can be brewed with different ingredients for different flavours, by varying the types of tea, fresh fruit and natural sweetener used. 

To find out how Kombucha is made, check out this article How to Make Kombucha at Home

Cider Starter Kit

We probably don’t need to introduce you to this ancient and beloved beverage.

To find out how this crisp drink is made through the fermentation of fresh fruit, check out this article on How to Make Homemade Hard Cider.

With either kit (or both!) your loved one will reap the reward of making their own brews at home.

You can view our MOD Kombucha Starter Kit and MOD Cider Starter Kit in our Online Store.

For a cruisy Christmas that’s big on wellness

Time spent with his loved ones, a thoughtful gift with great food (and of course cold pressed juice!) is our idea of a great plan.

Gifts and activities that promote health and wellbeing are ones that keep on giving, and benefit the whole family. Juicing, blending or brewing your own drinks are also experiences!

For unique gifts that offer a range of benefits, they’ll definitely feel the love with our MOD range.

Team MOD wishes all of our customers and their loved ones a wonderful festive season, and a safe and happy 2023.