Magnums would have to be one of the most popular ice creams around and now that they have a range of dairy free ice creams, they have an option to suit just about everyone.

One of my all time favourites would have to be their Double Caramel Ego. There is no denying that milk chocolate, caramel and vanilla ice cream is a match made in heaven.

So when we released our MOD Icy Pole Moulds, I knew this was something I would need to try and recreate. 

These Homemade Magnums are everything. They are sweet and delicious and the ultimate treat. However as an added bonus, they are gluten free, vegan friendly and refined sugar free. They are guaranteed to satisfy that sweet craving and not leave you feeling hyped up on sugar afterwards. 

The base is made simply by blending a few simple ingredients together. For the coconut cream, make sure you refrigerate 2 cans of full-fat coconut milk or cream overnight so that the thick cream separates to the top of the can. This is the part we want to use. The vanilla base is then covered by a layer of your favourite chocolate. Next comes the caramel which is made with just four ingredients. This is layered on thick and followed by another layer of chocolate. 

I would start making these at least a day ahead as it is required for each layer to be frozen before the next is added but they are very easy and require just a few simple ingredients. 

Using a silicone based icy pole mould is preferred over a hard plastic mould as the silicone can be stretched and maneuvered making it easier to pop out the frozen treat. Our icy pole mould can make up to 10 icy poles at once and can be found here

I cannot wait for you to try these out!