Did you know that some store bought almond and nut milks only contain 2% of almonds, which means you aren’t getting the benefits of plant protein! 

Which is one of the reasons we love making our own nut milk with MOD Cold Press Juicer! 🥛

It means no hidden nasties, like additives, preservatives, sugars or colouring!

Plus you can add your own little touch like vanilla extract or cinnamon to make it a little sweet 

Not only does homemade almond milk taste a million times better than the store bought stuff, by making it in your MOD Cold Press, there is no need to squeeze the milk through a nut milk bag making the process that much easier. 

Homemade almond milk only contains a few simple, pantry staple ingredients and is free from artificial sweeteners and stabilisers.

Check out the cold pressed almond milk recipe below!