Nut Milk Recipe With Your MOD Cold Press Juicer

Nut Milk Recipe With Your MOD Cold Press Juicer

Hi Friends,

Have you ever wondered how to make your own nut milk?

Well, we're here to help! Using a MOD Cold Press Juicer you can take the hard work of squeezing milk from nut milk bag and simply let the Juicer do it for you!

And the best part, it only takes 2-4 ingredients making it super natural and free from artificial sweeteners!

Nut Milk Recipe:

The first step is to decide which nut you would like to use. Choosing from only raw nuts. We find almonds yield the best results.

- Next, simply soak 100g of nuts overnight in water (for at least 12 hours)

- Take 800ml of filtered water and add a small pinch of salt, mix together

- Then take your almonds out of the fridge and turn your MOD Cold Press Juicer on and add a quarter of the soaked almonds, followed by a quarter of the water through the juicer.

- Continue alternating soaked almonds with water until all added

- Waste from the nuts will begin appear in the pulp chute

- Open the juice tap to let flow your tasty, fresh nut milk. Enjoy!

Pro-tip, if you like it a little sweeter simply add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract halfway through the juicing process.

nut milk ingredients


And there you have it! Super easy, no nasties and deliciously homemade!

If you try this recipe make sure you tag us on Instagram so we can see!


Team MOD x

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