Watermelon Sorbet with your MOD Cold Press Juicer.

Watermelon Sorbet with your MOD Cold Press Juicer.

Hi friends,

If there's one thing we love during the warmer months of Australia it is the delicious summer fruits.

What better way to cool yourself and the family down than by turning them into a light refreshing sorbet. 

One of our favourite fruits to use is, watermelon!

It's super easy to process in your MOD Cold Press Juicer, just remember to switch over to the sorbet stainer before your start and to remove the little orange pulp tab underneath.

Then you'll need approximately half a watermelon. Cut it into cubes and follow the process below.

4 cups seeded watermelon, cubed and frozen overnight


1. Partially thaw your frozen watermelon cubes (5-10 minutes)

2. Insert the sorbet strainer into your Mod Cold Press (see booklet for instructions)

3. Feed the frozen watermelon through 

The sorbet will slowly come out the usual pulp chute so make sure you have your jug or bowl place underneath.


If you like this recipe you'll, love making watermelon icy poles, so make sure you checkout our new icy pole moulds in our accessories range.



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