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This unique bundle combines the award winning MOD Cold Press + Wellness Bundle with our new released DIY cider kit! Make your own cider at home from freshly pressed apple juice to bottled cider! 
The combo Includes:

Juicer + Cider Kit Bundle - Black is on backorder and will ship from late February, please see the backorders page in footer for more information.

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Create apple juice with the MOD Cold Press Juicer, turn the juice into cider with the DIY Cider Kit!

The perfect Father's Day gift

This combo pack of DIY Cider Kit with the award winning MOD Cold Press Juicer (including Wellness Bundle) is the perfect gift for Father's Day!

Create a cold pressed apple juice base for your home made cider with the incredible MOD Cold Press Juicer, then turn that juice into cider with the DIY Cider Kit!

The MOD Apple Cider Starter Kit contains everything you need to make up to 23 litres of delicious alcoholic cider at home.

Simply process apples through your MOD Cold Press Juicer to create fresh apple juice, follow our simple step-by-step instructions and sit back while your bubbly cider brews.

This kit makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys ciders, and it's also a fun and unique way to use your MOD Cold Press Juicer for the ultimate DIY brewer's experience.

This is truly diverse and multi-functional gift that will be appreciated and used for years!

What's included in this Package?


Juicer Motor Base with standard Australian wall plug

Juicer Top Section Parts including Wide Mouth Juicer Lid and Fine Filter

Juice Jug

Pulp Jug

Cleaning Brush

Colour Instruction Manual with detailed diagrams

Juicing handbook

Silicone Spares Kit for replacing any silicone pieces if required


MOD Glass Juice Bottle, 600ml bottle for storing juice or taking it with you on the go

Pulp Sieve (optional to use) fine mesh filter that removes all pulp from your juice

Sorbet Strainer for making frozen sorbet, also know as nice cream

Produce Bag made from eco-friendly jute, is a stylish tote bag that's perfect for shopping at your local market or for storing your produce

5 Day Wellness Plan and Recipe Cards get started on your juicing journey with these tips and recipes.


4 litre Glass Carboy Fermenter

Mangrove Jack’s Cider Yeast sachet


Rubber Stopper


Transfer Tubing

Auto-Siphon / Racking Cane

Cold Water Cleaner Detergent

No Rinse Sanitizer

Detailed Instructions

Here are a few answers to common questions on making cider using the MOD Cider Kit

The first thing most people want to know is what do you need to get started?

Below is a list of everything you will need to start brewing cider at home: 

Your MOD Cold Press Juicer

The MOD Cider Kit - see list of what's included in section above.

8x500ml swing top bottles (these are perfect!)

A large saucepan or stockpot (enough to hold 6 litres of liquid)

Brown sugar 

 As you can see, the MOD Cider Starter Kit provides you with all the speciality equipment needed! 

Another common question is how long does the entire process take?

The process from the first fermentation to being ready to drink takes about 20 days. The actual hands on time is minimal and the 20 days is mainly to allow the yeast to ferment properly and create alcohol and carbonation. All that is required is a handful of simple steps and some patience. 

Lastly, a popular question we get asked is how do you flavour your cider?

Cider is created using apple juice as the base so the type of apples used will have a direct impact on how it ends up tasting. To create a cider that has an interesting flavour profile, we recommend using a wide variety of apples. By using a combination of sweeter apples with more tart apples, you will achieve a nice balance of flavours that isn't overly sweet or overly dry. 

We have listed out the most common apples and their flavour profile so you know what to shop for! 

For sweeter apples, try: 



Red Delicious

For more tart apples, try:

Crab apples 

Pink lady


Granny Smith 

Our Cider Kit makes a great gift to anyone who loves experimenting in the kitchen or has a passion for cider or beer.

* Store-bought apple juice can also be used in the MOD Cider Starter Kit (although we highly recommend making your own in your MOD for the ultimate cider experience!)




All materials are BPA free and food safe.

Juicer lid, juicer bowl and jugs: Tritan

Auger: Ultem

Filter: Ultem and stainless steel

Juice Base: ABS


Product: MOD Cold Press Juicer

Model: MOD-GEN

Motor: 240W

Voltage: 240V / 50-60Hz

RPM: 60 rpm

Wide Mouth Lid: 8 cm Diameter

Plug Type: Standard Australian three pronged power plug

Juicer Dimensions (cm): 54 H x 17 D x 23 W

Juicer weight: 6 kg

Package Dimensions (cm): 41 x 40 x 36

Package Weight: 10.2 kg


Cleaning only takes a few minutes. Parts can be rinsed under a tap and cleaned with the customised cleaning brush provided.

Occasionally the top section parts and jugs can be placed in the dishwaser for a deeper clean.


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