When you think of culinary herbs such as parsley and dill, thoughts usually lean towards savoury dinners. But what about using them in your cold press juice recipes?

Why Add Fresh Herbs To Your Juice?

Many fresh herbs can be paired with fresh summer fruits and veggies creating flavour combinations that will elevate your tired old juicing routine to an event worthy of cocktail hour.

In addition to the amazing taste, herbs can add a whole lot of nutrients to your favourite juices. Most herbs contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in addition to the unique phytonutrients that provide powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, it's summer so take advantage of all those fabulous little green bundles.

Below we have linked some of our favourite recipes which heroes a particular herb. Give them a try - you will be pleasantly surprised!

Juicing With Herbs

Basil - try out our Summer Fruit & Basil Juice recipe 

Parsley - try out our Parsley, Carrot & Ginger Juice recipe

Mint - try out our Mint & Pear Juice recipe

Coriander - try out our Apple, Ginger & Lemon Juice recipe

Dill - try out our Dill, Carrot & Beetroot Juice recipe

Tarragon - try out our Tarragon, Pineapple & Apple Juice recipe

Enjoy all of these recipes in your MOD Cold Press Juicer!

You may even feel like serving them up in fancy, chilled cocktail glasses. But one thing is for sure - once you start using fresh culinary herbs, your juicing routine will never be the same.