Socrates once said… “There is only one good, knowledge; and one evil, ignorance.” This statement should guide us in all of our actions, especially where our health is concerned.

Many of us haven’t the slightest idea of how to maintain good health. When illness strikes, we rely on our doctors to cure us. What we fail to understand is that, while doctors definitely have an important role to play, often we can prevent or support our recovery with simple dietary changes or recipes. 

Juicing is an easy and natural way to support a healthy lifestyle. The power of fruits and vegetables should never be undervalued, and if you take the time to learn which ones are right for you, then you can learn to boost your health and resistance to many ailments.

With 21st century technology in the form a Mod Cold Press Juicer, you can easily treat a number of common ailments, simply by prescribing and preparing your very own juicy tonic.

Today, the Mod Cold Press Juicer team have collaborated with their favourite health gurus to share with you some of their very best recipes for preventing, resisting and treating 21st century ailments. Not only are we giving our followers these amazing recipes, we also explain the science behind the magic. 

Click on the following links to find recipes for the following:

If you are finding yourself a bit stressed lately, try this juice to help bring some calm back into your life. 

Many people suffer from moderate to high blood pressure. This juice is a natural way to help lower the number.

Sinus infections were once a seasonal ailment, but with constant climate change and extremities many people found themselves suffering year-round with this annoying allergic and painful infection. This recipe helps improving immunity and decreasing the buildup of mucus. 

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Lack of sleep can affect cognitive function and over time could lead to other health issues including heart disease. Try this recipe to help encourage sleep. 

Relieve your arthritic aches and pains with our anti-inflammatory juice.

So there you have it! Awesome recipes designed to naturally heal your body. Let us know what you think!