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Farmer's Markets in Australia - MOD Appliances Australia

Farmer's Markets in Australia

Hi friends, Here at MOD we care as much about the health of the environment as we do for the health of our bodies. Where do you get your fruits and veggies...
November 24, 2015 — Mod Juicer
Health Benefits of Incorporating Ginger into your Diet! - MOD Appliances Australia

Health Benefits of Incorporating Ginger into your Diet!

Ginger has amazing heath properties and is a perfect addition to any juice. We outline our top benefits here.
September 01, 2015 — Mod Appliances
Waste Free Juicing - MOD Appliances Australia

Waste Free Juicing

Did you know that roughly 7.3 million tonnes of food is wasted each and every year in Australia alone?! According to, the average Australian household wastes every fifth shopping bag...
August 26, 2015 — Mod Appliances